Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas 2008

I finally decide I should start updating my blog now that I have found some time to do so...

Here is our presents under the tree minutes before we started
opening them but before we could open them...
We had some home made cinnamon rolls.

Here is my brother Jeremy, he just looks so happy after opening a box
of pop tarts with $20 bills taped around the edges.

Here is Jeremy's friend Max, we invited him over for Christmas since he had no one to spend it with. He opened every present with care to make sure the wrapping paper was not destroyed.

A little later we went over to my sister's house for Christmas dinner... Here is Madison playing her new Wii.

Here is my sister Amy cooking a delicious Christmas dinner.

Sydni letting us know that the Ham is ready... Thanks, Sydni!

My Nephews Garrett and Carson were happy with there new electric train as their dad (Robert) stands by to make sure they don't break something.

Must have been a long day here are is the gang resting or playing Wii.

Here is sydni displaying her amazing piano skills while showing off her new shoe collection.

Here is my mom opening her new camera... She was excited!

Here are my nieces and nephews opening their last presents that my parents brought over.
Do they look happy?

I had one last present to open from my sister. I didn't know that purple was a Christmas color.
Before we left Carson wanted to have a boxing match with his new gloves.



Finally checking out the blog!!

And yes, purple is a versatile color that can be used on every occasion!! :)

I am going to snag some of your pics!