Monday, January 26, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding

December 27, 2008
Here is a mountain as we traveled to Utah for my cousin's wedding.

Here is a nice flat valley.

Here is a start of the traffic Jam as we headed toward Hoover Dam. Notice the day light.

Here was a bumper sticker we saw on the truck in front of us as we sat there. It was very fitting for the situation.

Here is the Dam. We are not quite to it notice the day light.

Here is the top of the Dam. Noticed the day light. Oh wait there isn't any. It took about 5 hours to go 5 miles. How lame is that?

Here is the wedding party both families.

Here is the happy couple.

Here is the St. George temple this is where the wedding took place.

Here we are as we headed back to the Dam. Can you believe we are in a jam again?

Anyone up for a Dam helicopter ride?

Here is the new bridge that will eliminate the traffic Jam at the Dam.

Nevada side!

Here is another view of the bridge under construction.

Arizona side!

Arizona state line!

Looking back at the Dam.

Here I am a few hours from my home!