Monday, January 26, 2009

Someone Special

January 2nd through January 11th 2009

Here is Sarah and me after I just flew into Salt Lake City.

Another Picture of me minutes after arrival.

Here is a road trip that we took to Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Do we look happy together?

Here is a road trip we took to Salt Lake City to see my Uncle here is the
Utah state line as we crossed over it.

Here is picture in the Mall parking lot after we had just got done shopping.

Another happy picture together.

Here are the Mountains that over look Slat Lake, well you can't see them but they are there.

Here is a photo as we traveled back to Wyoming.

Another photo on our little road trip.

Here is me.

Sarah driving us home!!

Here is the state line as we crossed back into Wyoming!

Just relaxing!!

Here is the first J.C. Penny Company in the world it is still in operation.
Its in the little town of Kemmerer, Wyoming

Here we are as we get ready to do to church!!

As I got ready to leave here are a few pictures of my soon to be family.
This is grandma!

Here is a picture of all the puzzles I did while I sent time at Grandma's.

Here is my new mom!

Here is my new dad!

Here they are together!

Here we are a few hours before I left. I sure do miss her now!

Here we are as we travel back to Salt Lake so I can travel back home!

Here I am as I go through the airport security!

Minutes before my flight! As I am get stripped searched and they are using the wand.

To all those who didn't know I am now engaged and will
be married April 3, 2009. Sarah, I love you!!
Below is a picture of the Manti Temple in Manti, Utah,
this will be where the ceremony will take place.



Aaaawww! Cute couple!!

Now your going to have to change your blog address to marvinandsarah!! :)

Cody & Teera said...

My name is Teera. I was wondering if you took this picture? If you did I was also wondering if I could possibly get the original high quality of it. My parents got married at this temple and I would like to make them something for Christmas.
email is